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Four public art pieces have been selected for placement at the Twisp Ponds. Methow Arts Alliance and the Methow Salmon Recovery Foundation (MSRF) recently invited applications from local artists to submit proposals for site-specific outdoor public artwork for the Twisp Ponds Community Trails Project. The project boosts economic and cultural vitality in our valley through support of local artists' work.

Four art pieces have been selected to be placed on the trails. Artists featured are Bruce Morrison, Steve Love, Cordelia Bradburn and Dan Brown. CLICK HERE TO SEE SLIDESHOW OF WINNING PROJECTS.

Pieces will be installed this Winter through Spring 2012. Artwork will enhance fish restoration efforts on a trail system linking the community to educational efforts and public access.

Artwork will enhance fish restoration efforts on a trail system linking the community to educational efforts and public access. Selected artwork will align with the following goals of MSRF: 1) Celebrate salmon’s role in our community; 2) Help us look deeper into our relationship with our watershed; 3) Help define our commitment to functional river systems.

Project Overview

Since its founding in 2002, Methow Salmon Recovery Foundation (MSRF) has worked with the town of Twisp and local landowners to integrate its fish restoration efforts into the community. MSRF has created a trail system on site to encourage public access and awareness of the work we’re doing to improve fish habitat. The trails are also used by community school groups for outdoor science education through the Watershed Watchers program and other efforts. We plan to expand these trails in the future to include outreach signage. We’re looking for ways to include public art as a more visual educational tool. To this end, we’ve partnered with the Methow Arts Alliance to forge a connection with the arts community.

METHOW ARTS ALLIANCE holds a commitment to create and support public art in our region. Through fruitful community collaboration, the organization has worked to support the development of over thirty permanent art works in public places in the past ten years through student/artist collaborations, professional artist commissions and community art projects. These public art pieces represent the talent and vision of local artists for all members of the community to enjoy. The project boosts economic and cultural vitality in our valley through support of local artists' work. Since 1983 Methow Arts has enriched the lives of the people living in rural Okanogan County by making the arts an integral and dynamic aspect of community and economic vitality, public education and civic life.


This project is predominantly seeking freestanding pieces for installation along trails, but the selection panel is open to creating spaces for kinetic sculptures or other installations that may invite visitors to discover off-trail areas. Artistic interpretation and creativity is encouraged in this call.

Artwork must be fabricated to endure incremental weather and for long-term outdoor durability and ease of maintenance, including potential vandalism. The artwork must hold up to a year or more of outdoor display, unprotected from direct sunlight, rain, snow, moisture, temperature changes, nesting birds, and the occasional bear. All artwork must be fabricated with public safety in mind. Concepts incorporating hazardous materials will not be considered.

Due to the sensitivity and nature of the site, many areas are not accessible to heavy equipment. If your piece is too heavy to be moved by hand, and cannot be broken down, please contact us early to discuss possible locations for placement of larger pieces.

Art entry to this project is juried. Artists may submit up to four entries. The deadline for this request for proposal is September 14, 2011. A selection panel will select pieces to purchase and display. Most of the purchased art will be installed at the site, though some will be displayed in other places to promote the project.


Sign up for a guided walk at the Twisp Pond site to familiarize yourself with our efforts and to field questions. The Twisp Ponds are located on Twisp River Road just outside the town of Twisp, Washington. The site is open to the public. Please feel free to stop by any time if you miss the tours or if you just want to explore.


PHASE 1 – Artist Night - at Confluence Gallery & Art Center in Twisp, May 19, 2011
PDF of project handout for May meeting.
PDF of slideshow of Twisp Pond site activities and trail system at May meeting.

PHASE II – Call to Artists - July 27, 2011 (Deadline for proposals September 14, 2011)
Phase II invites applications/proposals from local artists (residing in the upper Columbia region of North Central Washington) to develop art pieces that align with the MSRF goals (as mentioned above).

PHASE III – Selection of Artwork/Placement of Final Round Proposals at Confluence Gallery
All proposals are juried and final selections will be made by a selection panel. Final round proposals will be displayed at Confluence Gallery & Art Center for public viewing and a public vote for a “Community Favorite Award”. Selected artists will be notified no later than October 12, 2011.

PHASE IV – Artwork Installation at Twisp Ponds
Selected artwork will be installed no later than December 31, 2011


www.MethowValleyArts.org (HOT TOPICS)

Amanda L. Jackson, Executive Director - Methow Arts Alliance, Amanda@MethowArtsAlliance.org or 509.997.4004, www.MethowArts.org

Chris Johnson, Executive Director - Methow Salmon Recovery Foundation 509.429.1232, www.methowsalmon.org

CLICK HERE to view proposals that made it into the final round.

PDF of slide show of Twisp Pond Site, educational and restoration activities

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