The concentration of creative energy is growing at TwispWorks, with three new campus partners joining graphic designer Corin McDonald to form a new creative hub in the main office building at TwispWorks.

Architect Brice Butler, solar engineer Stuart Metler and ecologist Crystal Elliot say their diverse professional backgrounds reflect a shared passion for design at various levels. They are all energized by the collaborative potential of TwispWorks and the opportunity to work with other ambitious creative professionals.

A specialist in retail architecture and custom home design, architect Brice Butler has been travelling to the Methow since childhood to fish and play in the woods. Transitioning to retirement in 2008, Butler built the home of this dreams just outside the Twisp city limits and anticipated relaxing there with frequent visits from his three adult children. However, the calm of retirement quickly waned as he became involved in the community and reignited his love for design.

Butler first got involved with TwispWorks by facilitating a workshop to help teens design the interior of the Valley Teen Center at TwispWorks. He is currently part of the core creative team for the Made in the Methow campaign.

“I see [TwispWorks] as an idea center or a think tank for the Methow,” he said. “When you are with other people with big ideas, things start clicking.”

Stuart Metler was an engineer working in the solar industry when he realized that he couldn’t live behind a desk. Armed with a passion for solar engineering, an altruistic spirit and a desire to travel, in 2009 Metler co-founded NuSol Capacity Fund, a non-profit whose mission is to install solar electric systems in rural, impoverished areas of South America.

“Right now our focus is in Peru where we have done two pilot projects which have gone well,” Metler said. “One of them in the Amazon jungle and one in the Southern Andes.”

Metler had frequently visited the Methow to ski and bike before relocating from Bellingham in 2012, and is currently building a house in Winthrop. He looks forward to collaborating with young people on the TwispWorks campus, and demonstrating the systems NuSol is installing in South America.

A specialist in habitat restoration and natural resource planning for Herrera, an environmental firm with projects throughout the region, Crystal Elliot recently moved to the Methow Valley from Seattle. She has already worked with several of the entities involved in restoration here in the Valley, and sees her new partnership with TwispWorks as a way to bring together her love for the outdoors, reverence for nature, and desire to become an active member of the community.

(Crystal Elliot is new at TwispWorks)

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