CAMP: JUL 17-28
PUBLIC VIEWING: JUL 27Camp: July 17-28

11 Days, 10 Filmmakers, 4 Award-Winning Instructors

Co- Director's Pete Vogt and Doug Pray are pleased to announce the return of WIld Mind Film Camp for 2013. This year's program brings 12 filmmakers from across the globe to TwispWorks for an eleven day master class in documentary filmmaking July 17-28.

The term "Wild Mind" means "starting now, ready for anything." Gary Snyder, the American-Buddhist/poet/ecologist defines it as being "elegantly self-disciplined, self-regulating. That’s what wilderness is. Nobody has a management plan for it." Similarly, good filmmaking is a practice that can be prepared for but never completely controlled. It requires innovation in the moment, trust in the process, and a great deal of courage. A Wild Mind is focused, aware, and curious. It accepts rigor, enjoys challenge, endures failure, and delights in the documentary filmmaking process.

During the camp filmmakers will fan out across the Methow Valley to document the people and history of our home place. On July 27th the final films of all filmmakers will be shown at an as yet to be disclosed location. Keep an eye on Methow Arts.og, the Methow Valley News and TwispWorks website for updates.

LOCATION: TwispWork. CONTACT: www.wildmindfilmcamp.com

(Photo by E.A. Weymuller)

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