JUL 17 - SEPT 2

In July and August the Winthrop Gallery will feature the latest works of art by two painters and a photographer.

Paula Christen will present paintings that evoke the senses of summer. “Certain sights, smells and sounds can bring you right into the season,” Paula explains. “I will be showing a new large work series of juicy watercolors steeped in quintessential summertime.”

Painting plein air (outdoors on location), Carol McMillan finds inspiration in the moment. “I love to paint under the sun,” says Carol. “Outdoor painting links me with the soul of my subject, the sounds and odors mingle while I enjoy the various forms of wildlife in the area. I like to further capture locale by using water from the scene to mix my paints, and lately, by embellishing the completed watercolor with local objects, resulting in a collage.”

Photographer Dennis O'Callaghan travels far and wide to capture scenes of the North Cascade mountains and valleys. “Summer returns and my thoughts go out once more to the mountains and to our beautiful valley which they surround,” says Dennis. “The high country wildflowers and the lakes freed from a winter of ice. And in our valley it is time for celebrations in the towns and for harvest in the countryside. So we will take a look at all those endearing images in my photographic wanderings”

Summer hours for the Winthrop Gallery are 11am to 6pm daily. For more information contact the gallery at (509) 996-3925 or go to the gallery's website at www.winthropgallery.com.

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